Bringing the world to you.

We, the Wests, are a family of storytellers. Many of the stories we like to tell are our own, traveling the world in attempts to make lasting memories together. But we are also a family of story seekers, searching the world for people who make products that stand for something and have a story to tell. We look for people who are fresh and innovative, who are willing to make something that matters, and who have stories that need to be heard.

Here at WestPack, our roots are part of our story. Adventure is in our bones. It’s who we are, and it’s who we always have been. Dating back to the early 1850s, our family’s adventures consisted of cattle ranching and trailblazing in South Texas. Those small town adventures soon earned our family the title of “forgotten Texas legends” (read more about our heritage in The Wests of Texas), and we proudly carry that legend with us today.

For as long as we can remember, we have always adventured together. Whether we are traveling to add new adventures to our story or meeting people from around the world to listen to their stories, we hope to blaze a new trail for the makers and doers of the world by bringing their stories to your doorsteps.

We love the outdoors, some of us more than others. Let’s just say that the “great outdoors” looks different from each of our perspectives.

To Stephen, it means camping out and scouting animal populations in the desert or being out at sea for ten days straight. It’s living off the land. It’s his heritage and passion for wildlife. It’s his love for nature and excitement of lands unseen around the world. It’s reporting back to us his findings and his lessons learned.

To Louie, it means sleeping by a streaming river and waking up at five in the morning and fly-fishing for days on end. It’s watching ducks land at sunrise on a lake in East Texas. It’s the thrill of new adventures with the people he values.

To Hallie, it means spending time in villages in the forgotten corners of Africa and building relationships with the forgotten people there. It’s the freshness and the realness of finding those gems of people who never knew they mattered and never realized they had anything to offer. It’s finding unique products made by artisans who don’t get the credit they deserve. It’s finding the source and sharing the value it holds.

Sometimes being “outdoors” simply means strolling outside window shopping or eating lunch overlooking green grass. Often times the “outdoors” has nothing to do with what you are doing, but rather it’s what you find when you go looking and the people to your right and left.

To Randy, the outdoors is part of him. It means being in the middle of nowhere – typically South Texas – and knowing every inch of the land. It’s getting to know the land quickly, but diligently. It’s the story of a barbed wire fence, and all that happens within its realms. It’s cattle and wildlife, and with that the respect and appreciation they deserve. It’s the tried and true, old school ways of the cowboy. It’s teaching his family lessons on character, while helping us get back up on that horse and conquer our fears. It’s showing his family where they came from and why our history is important.

To Linda, it means all of the above. It’s everywhere. It’s supporting every one of our “places” – the places that make our heart sing. Being with each of us there in our place is what makes her heart sing. It’s loving people by being a constant source of light and joy, and by encouraging others to find their place. Then, it’s being the ultimate companion and actually going to that place with them. It’s finding herself and her “place” wherever she is because it’s the people around her and her passion for supporting those she loves and for bringing people together that lights her fire. It’s looking to the adventures ahead and seeing what they hold for our family, as we will one day look back on these adventures and tell their stories of old.

At the end of the day – no matter how we see or define “outdoors” – the true meaning is family. It’s leaving in the morning and living completely different lives, but sharing an appreciation for what it is that drives the other. It’s the core values we share that bring us home to the same dinner table, allowing us to appreciate the same things while sharing our personal stories and unique finds in different ways. Sometimes we travel our versions of the “great outdoors” together, sometimes we group off, and sometimes we go at it alone. But in the end, we always bring home our findings, and we always anticipate the stories that will be shared around the dinner table.

This is the story of WestPack. It is the story of a family that is dedicated to searching the world for artisans that stand for something and products that are fresh, innovative, and – most importantly – relevant to you. Whether from a bustling city or from a tiny village across the world, we’re bringing you the best of the best. Let us help enhance your lifestyle with products from artisans and brands that have a story to tell.

We all love to travel – it just looks different how we do it. Our family knows and understands this idea well. Therefore, we want to give you options when it comes to how you want to travel. We have four different “packs” that are tailored to four different walks of life. Pick the pack that you most relate to and expect a quarterly box that will not only apply to your lifestyle, but also enhance the things in life that matter most to you.