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Whether you are actually wandering around the world or simply dreaming about it, our Kindred Pack will inspire you to keep roaming and to keep dreaming. In all your traveling, both near and far, you’ve never met a stranger and you’ve never found a culture you couldn’t learn something from. In fact, everywhere you go feels like home and everyone you meet feels like family. You, in many ways, embody the definition of kindred when it comes to building relationships and feeling kinship with those around you. One way you like to maintain those relationships is through keepsakes or mementos to remind you of the people and places that you love.

In this pack, you can expect to find authentic products that have a story behind them and serve a powerful purpose – both for you as you use the product and for the people who made the product. Each pack will include handmade goods that reflect the values and the cultures of the artisans behind each item, whether it’s through vividly designed details or the fair trade craftsmanship of the product. This pack may include a candle that replicates the smells of the setting in which it was made, a soap that is made from all-natural ingredients, or a leatherbound journal that helps fund the education for the relatives of the maker. Each product in this pack will reflect the journeys of the hands that made the product, while inspiring the journey of the hands that opened the box.

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