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Explore every day.

Appealing to your inner explorer through goods equipped
to fit your everyday lifestyle or your next big adventure.

Whether your next big adventure is backpacking in Europe or barbequing in your backyard, our Kipling Pack will provide you with goods that will fit your everyday lifestyle and will inspire you to explore. Each day for you is a new adventure starting from the moment you wake up and reach for that first cup of coffee, and even that itself can be something to explore. You may choose to explore the world of coffee by learning the culture behind the beans, searching for the best local coffee shops in new cities, or by experimenting in your own kitchen. From there, your adventure continues as you get dressed and get ready to explore the day ahead.

In this pack, you can expect to find goods equipped to fit an everyday lifestyle, from work to play. This may include essential items for you, your home, or your travels. Whether it’s a hand-stitched watchstrap, coasters to set your craft cocktails on, or a leather wallet for your passport, you’ll be setting trends and supporting exciting brands as you use the goods in this pack on your bold new expeditions.

what you can expect to find

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