Costa Rica

Today was a day that we will look back on and remember as being one of the most foundational and impactful days for WP. We traveled to Quitirrisi to meet this unbelievable family who opened their door to us and let us in not only their home but their livelihood. Living thousands of miles away, speaking different languages and leading completely different lives, there were no barriers between us. Time passed and this business meeting turned into dinner with two families (and 3 generations in each) who genuinely loved spending time together. Products made with a heart full of love, we are thrilled for our future with these new friends.
— Hallie Swope
For the past 24 hours, I’ve been trying to think of something I can say that would do justice to the work Hallie is doing with WestPack and just how incredible our trip to Costa Rica was, but I’ve come to the conclusion that anything I say, regardless of how well I say it, will fail to convey just how amazing this idea is and just how proud I am of Hallie and how fortunate I feel to have been asked to help them tell their story. So, with that in mind, here’s my advice…Go to Look around and sign up for a subscription. You won’t be sorry. @westpack_ is in it’s infancy, it’s new and it’s evolving and it will continue to evolve, but it is already something incredible and I promise you it will only get better. At the end of the day, @westpack_ exists for the sole purpose of bringing people together. That’s it. We all buy things every day, without giving much thought to the people who made them or the true purpose behind why that product exists. Take a chance and support a brand that is setting out to change that. We want people to know where their goods come from and we want them to know the people who made them. Let’s create some unity.
— Tito West

2 years ago I would have never ever known that there were swimwear brands out there like these. Through the journey of WestPack, my eyes have been opened to just how many (young) entrepreneurs there are who are making a difference while making amazing swimwear and finding ways to give back to their community. I am so inspired by the hearts behind the brand and just knowing the work that goes on behind the scenes makes it so much more fun to not only wear this line but promote these amazing companies. Truko Swimwear is unbelievable quality, made with passion and timeless style mixed with the best trends.

I got the opportunity to sit down and have breakfast with Andrea of Pommelo Swimwear. She is young, brilliant, works hard and goes after her dream with everything she has. Spending time with her was a highlight of the trip for me. I felt like I had known her for years, we hit it off immediately and as she shared her passions with me, I realized just how incredible Pommelo is. Andrea employs single women and does everything she can to make sure they succeed. Her brand is extremely well made, super comfortable and definitely tells a story that is worth being heard.

Elena Gil of Lolita Mia and Hallie Swope of WestPack have been collaborating for months to come out with a WestPack exclusive line of handmade products each season. Elena began Lolita Mia in 2011 as an experiment before heading to Florence, Italy to begin her 3-year study of Contemporary Art Jewelry at Alchimia. The results of the first collection surpassed her expectations, encouraging her to continue with the brand as a side-job during her period abroad. Today, the young designer is back in her homeland and with the raising demand for the products she has decided to incorporate local artisan women to help her elaborate the pieces. “I believe that the value of Lolita Mia’s accessories rely in that they are completely handmade and that I take my time to design each one of them until they are perfect and ready to adore by someone else. I began doing them myself in my studio, but as I got higher requests I had to change strategies. I didn’t want to sacrifice the handmade quality or the time spent to make each piece unique, so I thought that I could incorporate female artisans to collaborate with. This way I could not only continue the essence of the brand, but add more value to it by promoting and helping other women and their families as well”, says the designer. Hallie and Elena became fast friends, talking daily about designs and all of the things they could do together. The collaboration came naturally, both being passionate about empowering others and making an impact yet equally passionate for design. And so it began, this line came alive and we are so thrilled to bring it to you.

photos by: Tito West

Kadie Smith